30 May 2024

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upcoming Livestream schedule

Gather your friends and plan your watch parties, with 11 live games to watch on YouTube across the next month.

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Women’s Schedule:

Championship: Scrosoppi vs BVB IA Waterloo – June 1, 7pm

Premier: Blue Devils vs Simcoe County Rovers – June 9, 4pm

Championship: Unionville Milliken vs Rush Canada – June 12, 9pm

League2: Master’s FA vs St Catharines Roma Wolves – June 16, 1pm

Championship: Burlington vs Tecumseh United – June 22, 5pm

Men’s Schedule:

Championship: BVB IA Waterloo vs North Mississauga – May 31, 8pm

Championship: FC London vs Darby – June 8, 8:45pm

Premier: Hamilton United vs Scrosoppi – June 15, 8pm

Championship: Unionville Milliken vs Windsor City – June 22, 6pm

All games will be broadcast live on League1 Ontario TV, via YouTube.

Published On: 30 May 2024

League1 Ontario staff